Kids & Teens

Pediatric Dentistry

Your kids’ smiles are precious. Protect them by trusting our board-certified pediatric dentists to manage their oral care. A foundation of great dental health lasts a lifetime.

Early detection

We believe in helping kids build healthy habits. Our dentists take the time to teach proper brushing, flossing techniques, and diet instruction, so your kids have a strong foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral hygiene. Follow American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommendations and bring them to see us before their first birthday.

Regular Checkups

We follow AAPD recommendations and provide full checkups for our kids and teens every six months. Our checkups include a thorough exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment, and occasional X-rays. Just like you, keeping your kids healthy is our top priority.

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Sealants are placed on the surface of the tooth to protect areas most susceptible to decay. It’s a quick and effective procedure to prevent cavities, with no numbing or drilling necessary!

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Sometimes, cavities happen. When your child needs a filling, we use durable tooth-colored composite instead of silver fillings. This technique requires less preparation, and keeps more of the healthy tooth structure intact.

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Dental Anxiety

Our practice is designed to ease your anxious child by creating a positive (and fun!) experience. Kids love our in-ceiling TVs and relaxation rooms. Plus, our pediatric dentists have specialized training to care for children with dental anxiety.

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If your child has a cracked or damaged tooth, they may need a crown. It fits over their tooth to protect it, kind of like a helmet — but for our princes and princesses, we call it a crown. Stainless steel or tooth-colored options are available.

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Sedation Dentistry

Dental work doesn’t have to be stressful. We offer safe, effective sedation for our kids and teens that puts them at ease. Mild or general anesthesia can help even the most anxious patients feel calm and relaxed during their dental procedure.

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Smile Development

Kids’ teeth grow and change as fast as they do. Our dentists are trained to catch alignment and development issues early, to prevent chewing, diet, and gum health problems in the future.

It’s an honor to serve you and your family.

The entire Dental & Orthodontics family is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable, efficient and effective as possible!